Experts say cloth diapers are better for a baby, could save thousands of dollars

Experts say cloth diapers are better for a baby, could save thousands of dollars

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - All this week, there is a disposable diaper drive sponsored by Neighborhood Family Practice in Cleveland. A nurse practitioner noticed many low-income parents were putting dirty diapers back on their children because they couldn't afford to properly diaper their child.

Many viewers and social media followers responded to the initial story about the diaper drive and told Cleveland 19 News that the solution to the problem of not having enough disposable diapers is using cloth diapers.

Turns out, there are many Northeast Ohio moms who swear by cloth diapers, but the memories of what cloth diapers used to be are still stuck in many people's minds.

Who could forget the cloth diapers of the past, complete with their plastic pants, pins, and oh yeah, those diaper pails filled with soaking stinkers?

That was then, and this is now.

Baby, we've come a long way; no more pins, the plastic pants are totally redesigned, and the diaper pails have been replaced with bags that get washed
along with the diapers.

Carrie Minocchi is a Cuyahoga Falls mother of two. She used disposables with her first child, but that got expensive, especially as he got older and the number of diapers in a package decreased and the cost increased.

"So then I got online, and I look up cloth diapers - amazing - you can reuse them through the life of diapering. You don't have to buy bigger ones. They don't get more expensive as they get bigger - just a life-changing experience," described Minocchi.

Minocchi estimates she's saved thousands between two children over the past few years.

According to Baby Bump, the cost of using disposable diapers on your baby for two years is somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000. The cost of using cloth diapers for two years is somewhere between $800 and $1,000.

But, many moms say they've found the cost of using cloth diapers to be even cheaper than that.

What about that "ick" factor that may hold some people back from using cloth diapers, especially when it comes to bowel movements?

We took that question to Betsy Studer, the owner of the Breastfeeding Center in Massillon. She says there are bioliners you can use that handle the messier situations.

"When they do start having a larger stool with more odor, this little liner is on here. You put it (the diaper) on the baby. When the baby poops, you go to the toilet. It's biodegradable. You just shake it into the toilet and flush it away, and then this (the dirty cloth part of the diaper) goes in your bag," said Studer.

For moms that use cloth diapers like Martha Terhune, the benefits aren't just in the money her family is saving.

"A big part was the cost savings and knowing that we are not exposing our baby to as many chemicals that are in a lot of disposable brands," said Terhune.

Some moms claim their babies get fewer, or no diaper rashes when they use cloth diapers.

The cost of each cloth diaper varies, about $20 each on the high-end, but once you buy your full supply, you are set.

"You can reuse them for all of your kids, and they also have a good resale value - after you are done, you can resell them to other moms and get most of your money back," said Erin Conley of Cuyahoga Falls.

For those who are lower income, there are organizations that will provide low cost or no cost disposable diapers.

If you'd like to donate cloth diapers, visit the CLE Diaper Drive, which runs through Sept. 30.

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