What Dwyane Wade could bring to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Updated: Sep. 27, 2017 at 10:54 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Not long ago, Dwyane Wade helped recruit LeBron James to the Miami Heat. Now, the roles have reversed as LeBron likely helped bring Wade to Cleveland.

Reports surfaced on Tuesday that the Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed on a one-year, $2.3 million deal with the 12-time All-Star guard. The deal cannot become official until Wednesday afternoon when Wade clears waivers after the Chicago Bulls agreed to a contract buyout recently.

During the 2016-17 season, Wade averaged 18.3 points per game with the Chicago Bulls. The experienced veteran could still offer a lot to the Cavs.

  • Championship Pedigree - Wade, also known as the "Flash," would bring added championship mentality to the team. He won a pair of NBA titles teamed with LeBron while playing in Miami, and now they get a chance to chase another ring together on the Cavs.
  • Play Making Ability - Throughout his career, the shooting guard has been able to get his teammates involved, can make plays on his own, and is smart on the basketball court. LeBron said, "It brings another play maker to the team. It would be great to have him here."
  • Added Depth - Wade could join a team that already features guards Isaiah Thomas, J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Derrick Rose, Kyle Korver, and Jose Calderon. He would help trim down minutes played by all of the guards, and help cut down LeBron's playing time due to his reliable play making capabilities.
  • Experience With "The King" - LeBron and Wade already have a rooted friendship. The two have vacationed together during past offseasons with each other's families and are part of the infamous "Banana Boat Crew." They played together for four years with the Heat and have an immense amount of playoff experience together. According to ESPN, no player in the NBA has spent more time on the floor as LeBron James' teammate in the playoffs than Wade.

With all of the positives, there are some negatives with Wade joining Cleveland.

James and Wade have both been known for supreme athleticism, but both athletes are aging. LeBron turns 33-years-old this year and Wade turns 36 in January.

Wade on the court could also hurt Cleveland's three-point percentages. Wade shot only 31 percent from three-point range over the last three seasons, and would likely be in place of snipers J.R. Smith or Kyle Korver.

Defense was one of Flash's strongest attributes in Miami, but experts say that Wade's defensive stats slipped last year while playing in Chicago. Age may be a factor in the slide, but coming to an instant championship contender could rejuvenate Wade.

Here is a collection of Wade's highlights from the 2016-17 season:

How the Cavs could use Wade is unknown at this point, but he could become the starting shooting guard or a premier sixth man. Cleveland 19's sports anchor Mark Schwab provided some analysis on what Wade could bring to the Cavs:

The first thing to try to figure out is the line-up. I've seen scenarios where the starting back court would be Derrick Rose and Wade, Rose and J.R. Smith or Wade and Smith. Most likely it will be Wade or Rose coming off the bench, I do not think they will be on the floor very much at the same together because neither really does much for stretching the floor. They can make the occasional three, but that is about it.

Defensively there was a time when he was on the 2nd Team All-Defensive Team, he did that three times, but the last time was in 2010. He is not that guy anymore, just like he is not the offensive threat he once was. That said, when it's the playoffs, and he's back with LeBron on a team that has a chance to win it all, you would think his effort will be there.

Click here to read Schwab's complete analysis.

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