Are you paying too much for your babysitter in Cleveland?

Are you paying too much for your babysitter in Cleveland?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For the sixth year, the online babysitter and nanny finding website UrbanSitter has calculated what the average family is paying for babysitters.

After polling 20,000 parents across the country, the average sitter is getting paid $15.20 per hour for one child.

That number changes as you add children.

The average per hour for two children is $17.34 and for three it's $19.57.

San Francisco comes in with the highest rate in the country at $17.34 for one child per hour.

Of all data provided Cleveland comes in the cheapest:

  • $10/hour for 1 Kid
  • $12.5/hour for 2 Kids
  • $15/hour for 3 Kid
  • $18/hour for 4+ Kids

With the cost of living rising in most major cities, Lynn Perkins, CEO of UrbanSitter, said the cost of babysitters is rising too.

"The silver lining is that this higher cost of living has inspired more young professionals to start babysitting on the side to earn supplemental income," said Perkins.

Which means don't be shocked when your next babysitter has a special set of skills to make you more comfortable as a parent.

"So while the average babysitter rates may be at a high, so is the quality of babysitters. Parents can hire the likes of nurses, teachers and psychologists or even actresses, musicians and opera singers to watch their children." according to Perkins.

The survey also found almost one-third of parents will get a babysitter at least once a week and 48 percent people will spend $1000 or more a year on babysitters.

That's money well spent, according to Perkins.

"Parenting is all about balance. Whether time out of the house is spent at nice dinner out, on a hike or simply solo grocery shopping, the whole family benefits when parents have time to re-energize," Perkins said.

The survey also asked what are the biggest challenges, or aggravating, aspects of babysitters are.

Thirty-five percent said it's aggravating when they don't tidy up, 30 percent said it's a problem when the sitter cancels and 17 percent said they are put off when sitters don't arrive on time.

Here are some of the other findings reported by UrbanSitter:

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