Is Peyton Manning coming to Cleveland? 5 reasons to watch Tailgate 19

Is Peyton Manning coming to Cleveland? 5 reasons to watch Tailgate 19

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Browns won't be playing on Sunday, the team is on their bye week.

Making the Grade?

Sounds like an easy question to answer. Is anyone on this winless team making the grade?

Josh Cribbs, Bob Golic and Beanie Wells will weigh in on who they believe has actually improved through the first eight games, who's still struggling, and what changes need to be made to give this team a chance to win. Speaking of which...


The Browns missed out on one possible deal, failed to complete another as the NFL clock expired, and were once again the laughingstock of the league.

Nobody's sure why they didn't, or couldn't, land Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who ended up in San Francisco instead.

And some of us aren't sure why they'd WANT to land Cincinnati Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron, a Cody Kessler-like backup who would have cost them two draft picks.

But it doesn't matter. They botched it. What does matter is where this team goes from here. We're tackling that issue.

It's Getting Better All The Time?

DeShone Kizer says so, pointing out that four of the Browns' eight losses were by three points.

Of course, that's misleading, because they've been down big in most games before rallying when some were out of reach.

We're taking a look at some of the biggest blunders of the first half of the season. If you've been following the Browns, you know this could be a very...long...segment.

Manning on the Move?

We're still hearing the name. Peyton Manning as a possible football czar to come in and rescue his good friend Jimmy's franchise.

Manning has no front office experience, but he's a legend when it comes to study, preparation and commitment.

And the Browns wouldn't need him to handle salary cap issues. Slide Sashi back into his old road, and turn the talent identification over to somebody who knows.

At last check, a week ago, Manning told a source of mine that there's nothing to this story "at this time". So stay tuned. I'd be in favor of Manning coming aboard. We'll get the analysts take as well.

I Will Survive

Gloria Gaynor sang it back in the '70's. Can anyone on the Browns leadership team hum it now? Haslam has to do something at season's end.

My guess is that, despite his desire to give this regime at least three years, he fires the entire group. Front office, coaches, everyone.

It's that bad. It's not just the record-setting losses. It's the apparent divide between Hue and the guys upstairs. Jackson repeatedly sends messages through his press conferences that he wasn't given enough playmakers.

That true, but when it comes to the guys he DOES have, the quarterback guru hasn't exactly coached them up. The Tailgate team predicts who stays, who goes.

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