Chances of frostbite increase with dropping temperatures

Updated: Dec. 14, 2017 at 5:12 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - As the temperature drops, your chance of getting frostbite increases.

There are some easy ways to avoid any problems.

Well some might not take frost bite as seriously as others, but doctors at the Metrohealth Medical Center say it's nothing to play with.

People don't normally think about it, but a frostbite is a burn injury.

"I know it happens when you get down to zero degrees," Cleveland resident James Williams said.

But having a case of frostbite may be more serious than you think.

"The biggest risk of frostbite injury is significant tissue damage or damage to the skin or the fat that can occur underneath," said Dr. Anjay Khandelwal with Metrohealth Medical Center.

Dr. Khandelwal said if gone untreated, frostbite could lead to some very devastating results.

"This is not a very subtle injury that occurs. This can actually be a very severe injury. We've seen it over the last several years. A lot of patients end up with amputations," said Dr. Khandelwal.

However, all that can be avoided by staying warm.

"The most important thing if you are suspecting a frost bite injury or if you are starting to get really cold, is to immediately go inside and try to get into a warm environment," said Dr. Khandelwal.

If things get too out of control, you can always go to Metrohealth Medical Center, the one place that's guaranteed to help.

"It is very important to seek medical attention very quickly because we have treatments that we can employ that will reduce the risk of amputation," said Dr. Khandelwal.

Metrohealth Medical Center offers 24/7 assistance to patients dealing with frostbite.

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