New program delivers meals to seriously ill in Stark County

New program delivers meals to seriously ill in Stark County

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new organization in Stark County called Compassion Delivered has been piloting a program that will deliver nutritious meals to people fighting life-threatening illnesses.

Amanda Anschutz started Compassion Delivered with her husband Daniel, who is a chef.

Anschutz remembers her grandmother taking care of her grandfather when he had Lou Gehrig's disease, or ALS, so many years ago, but many are by themselves with no one to care for them.

"They might have lost their job. They might not have the support, also, realize very quickly that they don't have the energy to stand in front of the stove and cook a meal on a regular basis," said Anschutz.

Every week, Daniel prepares three complete dinners for each of the sick people the program serves.

Only a handful of people are receiving the meals right now because the couple is testing out how the program will be run, but over 2,000 sick people who could benefit from Compassion Delivered have been identified by area hospitals, according to the couple.

Each meal is delivered in a paper bag decorated by a local child. The people who donated the money for the meal are mentioned on the cover of the meal's packaging so that the person receiving the meal knows that people care about them.

The meals are delivered to the recipient's kitchen, free of charge.

Denise Hardie, of Hartville, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, last November. She says the meals make a world of difference.

"There's a lot of nights when I will have chemo, I'm on a steroid. So, my joints are sore," said Hardie.

For some of the other people that Compassion Delivered is already serving, the human contact is as healing as the meal.

"Some of these folks, that may be the only contact that they have is when we show up, and that's a whole other level of, not just serving through food, but serving through a relationship that we grow with them. That's huge for them and for us."

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