UPDATE: 23 dogs, 1 dead rescued from kennels at condemned home

Updated: Jan. 4, 2018 at 2:10 PM EST
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Kirby, Ohio - The Wyandot County Humane Society has confirmed 23 dogs were taken from outside a home in Kirby, Ohio which is west of Mansfield, Wednesday.

The outrage reached such a high level on Wednesday because of a Facebook post by Kelly Gray who has been telling authorities about the problem for more than a year.

The majority of the dogs are beagles and according to the humane society several of them are pregnant and almost all were dehydrated because their water bowls were frozen over.

When Wyandot County Deputies arrived yesterday one of the beagles was already dead. An autopsy will be done to see if it died from the cold temperatures or of starvation.

The owner has not been charged as of yet, therefore Cleveland 19 will not be naming them at this time.

Lynda Balz with the humane society describes this as a clear puppy mill situation and says the owner of the dogs doesn't even live in Kirby or Wyandot County.

"There was no food or water available other than a few bowls with a small amount of ice, and their shelter consisted primarily of wire enclosures with a few rabbit hutch-type boxes," Balz described.

"They certainly would have been at great risk and in extreme discomfort had they not be brought into a warm, safe environment and provided water and food. They are still drinking inordinate amounts of water, even today," Balz said.

All of the dogs are now doing well at the shelter which has been flooded with phone calls on how to adopt the puppies but Balz said they can't give them out until they go through the court process.

That does mean the shelter will have a hard time taking care of the influx of dogs and are asking for help.

"Frankly, money is always most helpful because we can buy supplies and food, etc. in bulk at a lower cost than an individual typically can," Balz said.

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