Home remedy melts ice off windshield in seconds

Updated: Jan. 13, 2018 at 8:38 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Thousands of people in Northeast Ohio woke up to several layers of snow and ice after Friday's brutal storm passed through.

Seems like everyone shares a common problem, getting that ice and snow off of your windshields.

List of snowfall totals in Northeast Ohio

If you were out and about on Saturday chances are you saw a sight similar to this one, car after car covered in snow.

"I guess living in Ohio, It something that we have to kind of expect and get used to," Alyssa Lawrence said.

Lawrence said it takes about 15-20 minutes to clean the car off.

But what if there's a solution that could seemingly cut that time in half?

"I'm obviously like most people in Ohio. Not a fan of the cold and the snow," Lawrence said.

More than likely you already have the ingredients sitting somewhere in your house.

All you have to do is grab some water, salt and vinegar.

Mix it up, spray it and the ice literally starts melting away.

"It's a lot easier. Saves you a lot of arm work," said Lawrence.

Also, that's not the only that you can also mix rubbing alcohol and water together for the same result.  Unfortunately it didn't work for us.

Just don't use warm water cause you'll run the risk of shattering your window.

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