Facebook can go back to being Facebook, and news can keep on being news (Editorial)

Facebook can go back to being Facebook, and news can keep on being news (Editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For the millions of us who are on Facebook, we do tend to wake up to a different world every day, as Facebook endlessly changes what happens on their feeds.

The latest change came earlier this month when CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook would start showing fewer news articles and less marketing content and ads. Instead, Facebook will try to move back to the days of showing users more content from their friends – pictures of parties and pets.

Me being the GM of a television station, you probably think I'm concerned about this. And maybe I am, just a little. But I'm happy, too.

Yeah, maybe Cleveland 19 stories might not show up on your feed as much, but neither will a lot of the "fake news" posts that have taken over social media in the past few years.

News stories with bias and anger, stories that separate us all and cause tension and stress -- that wasn't what Facebook started off to be. I am a news junkie and spend a lot of time reading a lot of news. There are a lot of outlets out there that actually do it correctly, with journalism ethics, filters, proper sourcing, transparency and accuracy.

None of that is Facebook's job. None of that is what Facebook was built for. It's not a news site. And hey, if somebody really wants to, they can still go find the biased trash that makes them feel better about their opinion. Either way, if it all goes off Facebook and lets me return to seeing my daughters' posts about their day or my friend's vacation, then I'll be happy. I go there for entertainment, not to be depressed or angered by endless partisan political venom.

Although it's made some mistakes along the way, I'm still very proud of the journalism industry I'm a part of. Maybe Facebook returning to its roots will be a good thing for everyone. Facebook is great for pictures of your best friend's lunch.

Sites like Cleveland19 are great for reliable news coverage.

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