Ohio man says immigrants aren't just Hispanic

Updated: Jan. 22, 2018 at 10:54 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Manuel Bartsch came here when he was 8.

He was born in Germany.

Bartsch didn't know it until he went was 18 he says.

"It created a problem when I went to get my driver's license," Bartsch said.

He was immediately arrest for being and illegal alien.

He was later released, but has never been allowed to become a United States citizen.

He is now hopeful after Monday's announcement from the Senate that people like him under DACA status might be review within the next two weeks.

DACA and Dreamers was one of the issues of the government shutdown.

Yanet Espinoza came here when she was just two with her mom.

She now lives in Painesville.

"We have lived here for 16 years and I have no memories of Mexico," Espinoza said.

Mexico a country where many illegals have crossed the border to the United States.

That was their choice not Yanet's.

She does not want to go to a country she is unfamiliar with.

"Our lives are at risk one day we may have what we want what we need and the next day it will be gone all of our hard work may be worthless," Espinoza said.

80 percent of Americans agree that dreamers should be given a path to citizenship.

While most democrats support DACA  and it's Dreamers this announcement on Monday does not mean it's a done deal for dreamers.

Sen. Mitch McConnell/Senate Majority Leader, R-KY responded to the reopening of the government.

"Soon, federal operations will be getting back to normal for the American people. We all know what comes next. Challenging negotiations on a host of serious issues," McConnell said.

His illegal status is a big issue for Manuel.

His step grandfather brought him here and he has since passed away.

He has no idea why he never became a citizen as a child.

He has live the life expect of him, he is a college graduate, works is married.

He is the proud father of 2-year-old Mason.

"f they deport me, I will miss ten years of my son's life.  That's how long the government told me I would have to wait to reenter the United States," Bartsch said.

It's frustrating he adds when illegals are associated with one culture.

"Daca and the Dreamer status affects more than just Latinos. Immigrants are European they are Philopeno , they are Chinese  It's a misconception to think all illegals are Hispanic Mexican," Bartsch said.

"We want to be Americans all of us. Just give us a chance," Bartsch said.

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