Ohio Golden Buckeye Card discounts you may not know about

Ohio Golden Buckeye Card discounts you may not know about
Updated: Feb. 9, 2018 at 6:46 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Saving money is at the top of many seniors' list. So having a Golden Buckeye card is just one of the perks of let's just say, aging gracefully.

In fact, all Ohioans with a valid sate driver's license or identification will automatically get the Golden Buckeye card mailed to them when they turn 60. The free discount card is also offered to people with disabilities ages 18-59.

The card is honored at 20,000 businesses statewide and has saved cardholders an estimated $2 billion dollars including prescription savings.

"I just saved you over one hundred dollars in two minutes," explained Carol Welo.

Welo's had the card for more than 15 years and in that time she says she's saved a lot of money, from hotel stays to restaurants.

She's had 10 percent and more taken right off her bill.

"Anytime where you save money you feel like, wow. Like you won the lottery a little bit?'" A little tiny bit," said Welo.

Donna Brandt says she likes to use the card at favorite fast food restaurants.

"I like going to Wendy's. I like going to subway and they always give me a discount," expressed Donna Brandt.

Brandt looks for the Golden Buckeye seal posted outside of businesses that accept the card. She even says in those cases where they didn't honor the card she still ended up saving because they wanted her business.

"Make sure you ask every restaurant you go to and sometimes you go and they will say no we don't accept it here but hey it's there -- ask," said Brandt.

Perfect Fit Healthclub in Bay Village realized the financial value in accepting the Golden Buckeye card a couple of years ago.

The gym offers a 20 percent discount on all their services for eligible customers.

"We had some members save up to $200 a year. If they get a membership personal training it's a very significant discount," explained owner Mandy Simeone.

Linda Penn admits she's been missing out on all those savings.

The senior received the card years ago but had pretty much forgotten about it until recently. A mistake she says costs her.

"I mean this is incredible the things I could have saved on. Now,  I'm going to keep my card front and center with my charge card," said Linda Penn.

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