Self-taught Akron motorcycle builder internationally recognized

Self-taught Akron motorcycle builder internationally recognized
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Progressive International Motorcycle Show just wrapped up at the I-X Center and one of the standouts was a bike builder from Akron who took home one of the top honors.

What may be most impressive is that Austin Andrella is completely self taught. He built his first motorcycle when he was 23, using the internet as a guide.

"I had my first bike when I was 13. So, I was always taking stuff apart and trying to figure out how to put it back together," said Andrella.

Andrella now owns Austin Martin Originals in Akron, and is recognized for his bike building talents around the world.

"People come to me for my style, so, it's my way of painting a picture, I guess," said Andrella.

By day, Andrella is a union sprinkler fitter. By night, and in his spare time, the garage behind Andrella's home is his natural habitat. That is where he spends hundreds of hours working on each bike.

Andrella says he tries to give back when he can - sharing his welding skills with local high schoolers.

After winning several awards for his work, the only person that got more attention than Andrella at a recent Motorcycle show may have been his 7-year-old daughter Adelyne.

Adelyne is the youngest of three girls, whom Andrella says grew up in their dad's garage.

"It's a 1971 Honda Mini Trail 50," says Adelyne when she proudly looks at the motorcycle she and her dad built together.

"We changed the tires, the seat, we added this," described Adelyne as she pointed out different parts of the bike.

From that smaller creation to the bikes Andrella custom builds for clients and for himself, Andrella says he is determined to make each motorcycle better than the last.

"I guess it's just like a music artist. Every time you have to create a song that's going to be a number one hit," added Andrella.

For Andrella - the hits just keep on coming.

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