Perry Nuclear Power Plant future in limbo

Perry Nuclear Power Plant future in limbo

PERRY, OH (WOIO) - Hundreds gathered at Perry High Saturday morning to discuss the Possibility of the Perry Power Plant closing.

It's all because First Energy is exploring the option of Leaving the power generating business.

"We Want the Perry Plant to remain open and operating and their 700 employees and their families benefiting from that," Lake County Commissioner Jerry Cirino said.

"My husband works there. We have three kids in the school system and that's gonna cause us to probably think about moving away, which is something that we don't want to do," Perry resident Sheila Kozlowski said.

Kozlowski and so many others packed Perry High with one thing in mind, what's gonna happen to the Perry Nuclear Power Plant?

"Overall, it's gonna effect more than just Perry and I don't think people realize that," Kozlowski said.

The 1100-Acre sight could possibly shut down operations due to the fact that the nuclear power business just isn't booming like it used to.

"Right now we have a momentary displacement of pricing where gas is very cheap, so not you have it being more expensive to generate electricity through Nuclear Power," Cirino said.

The plant is one of the largest employees in Perry - providing over 700 jobs. But some fear the plant's closure will have an affect on more than just the people who work there.

"We have a lot of gentlemen that have jobs based on what happens at that plant and it staying open and paying it's taxes," Perry Fire Department Executive Captain Michael King said.

King insists the plant closure would have somewhat of a domino effect on the rest of the community.

"We own our homes. Our families are here. Our kids go to school and we work here. It's imperative that it stays open for us," King said.

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