What is the fix for US mass killings? I don’t have an answer, but as a society we need to do something -- now (Editorial)

What is the fix for US mass killings? I don’t have an answer, but as a society we need to do something -- now (Editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - OK, what's it going to take?

What's it going to take to lead to a meaningful conversation and action concerning mass killings?

A USA Today report says mass killings -- where someone willfully kills four or more people -- now happen once every 16 days.

Is that enough to spur real debate over mental health issues, gun laws, school security, parenting -- anything that could help stop this?

I know we all have hearts. And I know most of us are probably a little right and a little wrong about why we think that our friends are dying at concerts and dance clubs, at work and why our children are dying in schools.

But we have to stop posturing and find the urgency we've found so many times before.

I know we can, because back in 1956 when one kid in every million was dying in refrigerators they couldn't get out of, we passed the refrigerator safety act to change how refrigerator doors open & close. And because in 1978 -- after a second child in three years died -- the government recalled all three million Water Wiggle toys.

And because seven people died from poisoned pain reliever in 1982; we mandated tamper resistant packaging. All of us have to wrestle with it now, but we do it because it saves lives. And I know because Lawn Darts were banned in 1988 after 6,100 people had been injured across 8 years. Banned after one 7-year old died. Banned because we actually saw the problem, and did something.

You know in the 40s, about three or four hundred people a year died from lightning strikes. But now the annual number is often less than 30. That's because we talked about it. We shared information. We used common sense. Now, fewer people die.

Well, guys, it feels like the lightning is striking all around us these days.

Are we going to have the sense to come in from the rain or are we actually going to leave our children out in the thunderstorm while we argue the best way to save them?

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