Assault rifles and the AR-15: How are they different?

Assault rifles and the AR-15: How are they different?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When it comes to guns, Doug Murillo is all about safety.

He served with the Marines here in the U.S. and overseas, and now is a certified weapons instructor who owns Action Defense in Parma Heights.

Cleveland 19 had questions for for him regarding the AR-15 and assault rifles.

What is the AR-15?

"It's no different than a hunting gun; it shoots in a semi-automatic mode." said Murillo. "It's not what people are calling an assault rifle, (which is) a fully automatic weapon that is used in the military."

"A-R" is short for ArmaLite. To purchase one of these you must be 18 years or older.

"So here is my semi automatic pistol. This only shoots one round at a time. I squeeze the trigger and it fires."  And, "In all reality, they are the same thing."

How is the AR-15 different from what is used by the military?

"I was in the Marine Corps, you have an extra selection on your selection button here, so right here is safe. If I flipped this up it goes to fire, then I would have one more flip and it would allow me to shoot in an automatic mode with three-round burst."

Assault rifles are already banned because they are automatic.

Only law enforcement and the military officers are allowed to possess and fire assault rifles -- any that you see on the streets are illegal.

Do I have to take classes before purchasing an AR-15 rifle?

"No, you do not. You can go to a gun store and purchase a gun. There is no requirement, there is no training, there is nothing."

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