Cleveland software developers recruiting women with vino

Cleveland software developers recruiting women with vino

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - U.S. News and World Report, and CNN Money call it the hottest job of 2018.

Software developers are in big demand; however, says for employers it is the toughest job to fill.

Universities are just not producing enough developers to fill all the needed positions.

One critical reason for the lack of available talent is that women, at least at this point, do not appear excited about the career. The census bureau tags the field at 80 percent male.

Tech Elevator, a Cleveland company that offers a 14-week coding boot camp, along with partner OEC -- a software product designer -- are trying to change that.

At the Tech Elevator facility they hosted Wine, Women and Web Design.

"I liked that it was just women and wine so that's pretty cool," said Jessica Clay Smith, who is already signed up for the coding boot camp at Tech Elevator.

The women who came to the event attended a workshop that gave them an introduction to front end development.

Nicole Capuana, a software product designer from Convey, led the workshop.

Capuana believes it's the negative perception of the job, a misguided perception, she says, of an isolated career that has kept women from software design.

"Those things that woman gravitate toward -- the creativity, the problem solving, the collaboration all happens in tech so this is how we get that message out to people," she said.

This night, however, is just not about bringing women into the industry.

It was also a chance to simply give these women a better understanding of what their colleagues may be up against.

Tori Bartolozzi works at Kiwi Creative, "They do a lot of web design and web development and I don't speak that language. I come from more of the advertising sphere, so I thought I'd check it out a get a better understanding," she said.

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