Taste Buds: Dig in to the exploding food scene with new show featuring 2 Cleveland chefs

Taste Buds: Dig in to the exploding food scene with new show featuring 2 Cleveland chefs

Cleveland 19 News announces the launch of a new video podcast featuring innovative and creative local chefs, Matt Mytro and David Kocab.

The weekly show will be co hosted by Cleveland 19 News reporter and expert on the Cleveland food scene, Jen Picciano.

Every Tuesday morning the trio will talk about current events in the restaurant industry, share pro tips and recipes and discuss trends and hot topics in social media.

Mytro said he wants to help bridge the gap between consumers and chefs.

"With the interactive component of live streaming the show seems like a good way to keep a finger on the pulse of what people want out of food both locally and nationally," Kocab said.

Viewers can watch, engage and ask questions live with the hosts through Facebook Live.

The pair are looking forward to tackling food trends, equipment for home cooks, beer, techniques and do's and don'ts at restaurants.

"I'm hoping we cover anything from light-hearted, pop culture related topics, to food trends, restaurant reviews to a little more in-depth topics like sustainability, and power of 'big ag,'" said Kocab.

He wants the show to be an open, engaging and honest conversation about the culinary scene.  Mytro wants to appeal to the growing foodie culture.

"Anyone that wants to know more about food and how chefs see things," he said.

Viewers can catch Taste Buds each Tuesday at 10 a.m. live on Roku, Amazon Fire, the Cleveland 19 News app, or live streaming on our website.

A link to the show will also be posted on various platforms if you want to view it at another time.

"People should watch because in the massive food media machine, the voice of the working chef isn't often heard. Plus, it's going to be fun!"

Mytro is the a chef and partner of Flour Restaurant in Moreland Hills. He is also behind the newly launched Flour Pasta Company

Kocab is the Chef de Cuisine at The Black Pig in Cleveland.  

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