Police: Ohio high school teacher admits to having sex with male students; Teens reportedly wanted hush money

Police: Ohio high school teacher admits to having sex with male students; Teens reportedly wanted hush money

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - A McKinley High School teacher admitted to police to having sex with several male students and reported to the district that she was now being blackmailed by the students for money to keep quiet, authorities said.

According to police records, the relationships with several male students began in January 2018 and ended on March 8, when the female teacher told the school she was being blackmailed.

The teacher and students told officials they used social media apps like Snap Chat to talk.

According to three separate police reports, the female McKinley High School teacher told police she had sex with "several" male students.

In one case, the teacher and the student reportedly had sexual relations twice in one day, the report said.

In another case, the teacher had sexual relations with a male student in her office after school, before practice, police said.

One student reported the teacher picked him up near his home in February during parent-teacher conferences and drove to a park to have sex.

According to a report filed on March 8 with the Canton Police Department, the McKinley High School teacher told the director of school security a student's family found out and was now blackmailing her for money to keep quiet.

The teacher told police she paid the student $180 for an antibiotic at some point as well.

In a Notice of Unpaid Suspension letter obtained by Cleveland 19 News, the district states it has been brought to their attention that "there is an investigation being conducted by the Canton Police Department into allegations that you engaged in repeated sexual acts with District students" and has been placed on "unpaid suspension, without pay and benefits, from the district until further notice."

The teacher has not been identified.

Superintendent of the Canton City School District Adrian E. Allison released the following statement:

The Canton City School District is extremely disappointed and disturbed by the reprehensible misconduct of the McKinley High School teacher based on information released in Canton Police Department reports. Her actions appear to violate the law and clearly violate the code of professional conduct of the teaching profession. She does not represent the high quality teachers of this district. She has been placed on leave, without pay, pending the resolution of the ongoing law enforcement investigation.

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