‘Taste Buds’: Recipe rescue, Yelp! and an egg personality test

'Taste Buds': Recipe rescue, Yelp! and an egg personality test

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - What have you attempted to make in the kitchen, but fail at all the time?

Do you use Yelp! and how is it changing the dining experience? What does your egg preparation preference say about your personality?

Those are the topics of discussion for this week's Taste Buds show.

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You can engage by contributing questions and comments live during the show at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

The new weekly video podcast features local chefs, Matthew Mytro, of Flour Restaurant and Flour Pasta Company, David Kocab, of The Black Pig and Cleveland 19's resident food expert, Jen Picciano.

This week the trio will help a viewer troubleshoot one of her favorite pasta dishes, Caccio e Pepe.

Both chefs have the dish on their menu and they'll help her perfect her go-to weekday dish.

"My cheese always clumps but it's my favorite simple ingredient pasta dish and I just want to get it right," said Taste Buds viewer Sarah.

They'll also discuss the hot topic of Yelp! for diner and restaurants. Many chefs and restaurant owners despise the website, and mistrust many of the reviews. And some people trust it completely when making decisions about where to spend their dining dollars.

And just for fun, the Taste Buds will talk about eggs, and what your favorite dish says about your personality.

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