Baby arrives on way to hospital in Cleveland

Updated: Mar. 21, 2018 at 6:12 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local dad ended up making a special delivery, with the help of Cleveland EMS and dispatchers.

They made it all the way from Akron, to the roundabout at West 14th Street.

They could see the hospital, but the baby wasn't waiting.

"As we were driving, I know she's grabbing onto my shoulders, and I'm like what's going on?  She says, I'm having contractions!" said dad Lamarr Avery.

Beanca Appling wasn't due with their baby until April 21, but their baby girl was eager to enter this world.

"I said no, you cannot be having this baby right now. I'm trying to get to the hospital," Avery said.

Avery called 9-1-1 and asked for help.

"She said sir, you may have to deliver that baby! I said, but I'm right here by the hospital! She said, I think you need to pull over!" Avery said.

"I said, JUST PULL OVER NOW!  He said ok, and pulled over, then said, the head's coming out!" said Cleveland EMS dispatcher Janet Vallee.

"I think we had a response time of two minutes, possibly. As we were getting closer, she called and told us that there was delivery time of 11:49," said Cleveland EMS paramedic Michael Wager.

With their three kids in the backseat, and yards from MetroHealth Hospital, Avery pulled-over and helped catch baby Lauren Heavenly Avery.  Just then, EMS crews arrived.

"He came swooping up, and I was like, thank god the EMS guy is here!" Avery said.

"There was mom sitting there, dad, he handed me the cords, and said, we have to tie this!" said Cleveland EMS paramedic Nicholas Kavouras.

They checked out the newborn, and she was healthy and happy.

"That is the first thing that was going through my mind is, they delivered on the side of the road, in a very unstable environment, very unsanitary environment.  Any number of things could have gone wrong," Wagar said.

Fortunately, both mom and baby are doing well, thanks to dad, and help from the EMS crew!

"I felt like I had a professional on the phone, she knew what to do.  She gave me the right the instructions.  It worked out perfectly," Avery said.

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