'Condom snorting challenge' is the latest dangerous trend to go viral on the internet

(Source: Youtube)
(Source: Youtube)
Updated: Apr. 2, 2018 at 5:01 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The internet has seen the "Tide Pod challenge" and the "cinnamon challenge," but the most recent online challenge is dangerous, and perhaps, the most disturbing of them all.

Videos posted on social media show people unwrapping a condom from the packaging, snorting it up one nostril, and then attempting to pull it through the pharynx and out of the mouth.

The challenge has been around for several years, but it is becoming popular again as people, mainly younger adults and teens, search for stupid trends to do during boredom that will go viral on the internet.

It's dangerous because the condom could easily get stuck in the nose and throat, blocking breathing and causing the challenger to choke.

"The nose is connected to the back of the mouth – it's also connected to the airwaves. There's every possibility something you push up your nose will end up in your windpipe, or in your lungs. With potentially fatal results," Dr. Carol Cooper told United Kingdom news company The Sun.

In many of the videos, you can see pain on the faces of those who take part in the "condom snorting challenge."

(Warning: Videos may be GRAPHIC)

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