Giant Cleveland potholes hitting motorists in the wallet

Giant Cleveland potholes hitting motorists in the wallet

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 Is Getting Answers for a viewer who sent us an email complaining about pothole repairs.

The problem is in the Tremont neighborhood, where they're having deep trouble with those pesky road craters.

Simply put, the potholes are plentiful and painful to your wallet when you seemingly can't avoid hitting them this time of year.

Andre DuVall knows the problem all too well.

"This whole area over here is awful," he said.

A drive down Clark Avenue on Cleveland's West Side and you can see for yourself what DuVall is talking about.

Winter's cold and the springtime thaw have really messed up the streets.

"You tearing your car up, getting flats, hitting them potholes...the city needs to do something about them," a local resident added.

Cleveland 19 called Cleveland City Hall on behalf of a viewer who alerted us to the road hazards that litter Clark Avenue, and to a lesser extent, Abbey Road.

We spoke with Michael Cox, director of public works for the city.

He said he will send someone out to fix the costly craters.

Not a minute too soon for those who have to navigate the obstacle courses, including Mildred Vargas, who's been driving 40 years, accident free.

"Go slowly.  But sometimes you can't dodge them because if there's a car on each side, how are you going to go around it," she asked.

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