Cleveland attorney loses over 100 pounds, invites others to be the 'Largest Loser'

Cleveland attorney loses over 100 pounds, invites others to be the 'Largest Loser'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Attorney Michael Liner says his whole life, he's been heavy. It wasn't something he struggled with, but something that look over his lifestyle.

At his heaviest, he weighed 458 pounds.

"I never felt my weight the way that a lot of other people that are large do. I played sports through high school and was able to be fairly athletic. Certainly, I wondered how long I'd be able to stay healthy if I didn't make some changes," said Liner.

Liner eventually decided to take a drastic step. He had bariatric surgery in 2013.

Liner lost 125 pounds.

"For me, it was probably the greatest decision I ever made," added Liner.

The same day he had the surgery, he got some other life changing news from his wife.

"She was at the doctor herself, having blood work, which confirmed that she was pregnant with now our oldest daughter, Eliana," said Liner.

Four years and over 100 pounds later, Liner has decided he wants to lose more weight.

"I love to step on the scale and see something that starts with a two," said Liner.

Liner owns Liner Legal, a law firm that mainly helps people with their disability claims. He has been inviting his clients, and anyone else who wants to lose weight, to join him for what he calls the "Largest Loser" program.

You can download the Liner Legal app that has the Largest Loser competition on it by texting SSD to 36260 and downloading the Liner Legal app.

Through the Largest Loser program, you can learn how to eat well on a food stamp budget and how to exercise right at home.

"Some people say I'm crazy because it doesn't help my bottom line, but at the same time, If I can make my clients healthier and happier that's what this all about," added Liner.

Over 400 people have signed up so far, some even out of state.

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