Northeast Ohioans on medicaid battling food insecurity issues

Northeast Ohioans on medicaid battling food insecurity issues

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Ella Sollis is retired, and her only source of income is social security.

She depends on help from food programs to stick to the right diet and stay healthy.

"I'm receiving healthy food, green beans, onions, cabbage. It means a lot because you can't always get it at a reasonable price in our area," said Sollis.

More and more retired Americans like Sollis are facing food insecurity, says Loren Anthes from the Center for Community Solutions.

"There's a larger number of senior citizens growing every day in Ohio and there's a significant amount of them who aren't accessing those benefits and get access to the food at the end of the month," Anthes said.

Anthes argues that leads to bigger health problems and medical bills down the road: "They get admitted to the hospital, and that often means Medicaid, which is the largest payer in long-term care, often foots the bill."

As for Sollis, she says she stays healthy thanks to the right access to the right foods.

"I wouldn't be able to afford some of it, I would have to do without some things," Sollis said.

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