Know the holes in your yard: Skunks, moles and voles are grubbing in Northeast Ohio (photos)

Know the holes in your yard: Skunks, moles and voles are grubbing in Northeast Ohio
Updated: May. 1, 2018 at 2:40 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's spring and you're finally able to get out into your yard and you might be discovering holes or sunken ground.

With the help of Jeff Mueller, a Lawn and Garden Department Manager with Petitti Garden Center in Strongsville, we're going to help you to know your holes.

A viewer in Cleveland Heights sent us this pic and wondered what was making the holes in her yard:

"Yes, the digging definitely looks like skunks looking for food," Mueller said. "They cause quite a bit of damage in the spring and late summer/fall feeding on grubs, earthworms etc."

They're not just stinky but also destructive.

"Skunks will tear up the grass and create holes from them sticking their nose in the soil to find food. Also,skunks will actually roll the sod back like a carpet," Mueller said.

The best way to keep them out of your yard, is killing off the food they're digging for.

"Applying Grubex to kill of the food source now will help with grubs for three to four months. Bayer 24 hour Grub Killer can be applied at anytime, especially in late summer is a good quick kill for many types of insects," Mueller said. "Repels All is a good repellent for skunks. It is made from cloves, garlic and eggs.Also,trapping is always an option."

The nearly blind mole will destroy your yard in a much different way as they tunnel making your yard feel squishy in some parts.

"Moles can create such an extensive tunneling system that the ground can sink," Mueller warns. "This can damage sidewalks, driveways, and in flowerbeds if the tunneling occurs underneath," Mueller said.

How do you keep moles out?

"A castor oil based product such as Molemax can help to repel these critters. It can be applied now and anytime during the year," Mueller advised.

Some may have never heard of a vole that can be just as damaging as a mole, but in a much different way.

A vole looks more like a mouse than a vole.

"Voles are more on the surface creating trails in the yard. This is noticed mainly early spring from them moving about under the snow cover," Mueller said. "Voles can damage plants by eating the bark and the roots.The damage in the lawns from both moles and voles can be fixed by applying grass seed."

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