Former dropout turned nurse helping thousands pass exams

Former dropout turned nurse helping thousands pass exams

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It is officially International Nurses Week!

Some heroes wear scrubs

These courageous men and women save lives on the daily, but not before getting the proper education.

The road to nursing can be a long one for many.

Registered nurses go through four years of higher education, studying in the field of nursing at an accredited university.

The same path is expected out of Licensed Practical Nurses but students receive a certificate rather than a diploma.

Either way, at the end of their schooling these students must take a nationwide required nursing exam.

This rigorous test is known as the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX exam.

The test is a lifetime of accumulated information shrunken into 5-6 hours of headaches.

The minimum 85-question exam tests students on their knowledge of procedure, safety and medicine.

Each year, thousands of students have trouble passing the exam; former nurse Chelly Bevel helps students in the Cleveland area get over that hump.

Bevel is the proud owner of Chelly's Nursing Review, here in Cleveland.

She teaches classes daily in Highland Heights and at Lorain Community College with people traveling as far as Michigan for courses.

"Some people have failed 5, 10 (times), some people have come from another country and failed the test 20 times," said Bevel.

Under her guidance thousands have passed the NCLEX and each week former students come back to tell their stories.

Before her teaching days, Bevel was a pregnant high school dropout. The nurses that delivered her baby inspired her to get into the field she loves today.

"I was very, very frightened, contractions hurt, it was horrible. But the nurses got me through it, and I thought, I want to do what they do," Bevel exclaimed.

Following that encounter she defied the odds and spent her career delivering babies at Hillcrest Hospital.

Bevel has a passion for teaching that is unmatched. Her energy is infectious, and the students feed off of it.

"There is never a dull moment in here, and I love it, because it keeps me engaged," said nursing student Jasmine Scott.

Bevel splits time between her East and West campuses each week.

Students spend 24-72 Days (up to 288 hours/6-9 months) in class.

Prices range from $500 for Traditional (first-time test takers) and $750 for Non-Traditional (repeat test-takers).

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