Another creative sentencing from Painesville Judge Michael Cicconetti

Painesville judge issues creative Mother's Day sentence

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When the court case began, you'd think someone was going to jail.

David Luoma's case was taken up by Painesville Judge Michael Cicconetti.

"It really turns my stomach, it's inexcusable," Judge Cicconetti.

Luoma had hit his mother Evelyn three times in the head.  She's in her 90s.

Cicconetti was surprised when prosecutors suggested he be placed in a diversion program.

He questioned them.

"I'm not quite sure why it's a diversion, I mean possible diversion but still this offense is startling to say the least," Cicconetti said.

Prosecutors answered, talking of Luoma's war disability, his clean record and his years of caring for his mother who would have to go into a nursing home without him.

"I want you to go Sunday and I want you to stand outside the church Sunday and every mother that comes there I want you to wish them happy Mother's Day, Do you understand?"

"I sure do," Luoma said.

"That's what you're gonna do," the judge said.

At David's home today, his mother was there and everything was peaceful.

We asked "You happy with the sentence the Judge gave you?"

He answered, "Yes, I think it's very reasonable. I think I'll learn a lesson from it."

To make sure he follows the judge's order, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services will monitor the household.

David could have faced 60 days.

He was sentenced to three days, but if he completes the church assignment, those will disappear.

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