Cleveland pothole season longer, stronger than any in recent memory

Cleveland pothole season longer, stronger than any in recent memory

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Normally a scourge of winter, Cleveland area repair shops are seeing a big uptick in pothole related repairs to rims, tires and even mufflers.

Management at Safe Way Tire on Superior Avenue say that typically pothole repairs end in March, but they're still averaging two new repairs a day because of the size and number of potholes in and around the city. Manager Warren Bradford estimates they've seen a 30 percent increase in pothole related damages this season.

Depending on how fast you're driving or the size of the pothole, repairs generally cost anywhere from $50 to $600. One customer we talked to had to replace a $450 rim after getting his wife two new tires last month due to a pothole, bringing his cost to nearly $1,000.

The city of Cleveland has received 157 claims for pothole damage in the first five months of 2018. They received 142 claims for all of 2017. The city denied 102 of those claims in 2017 and have already denied 87 this year. The city's web site says at least 10 crews are out on pothole repair every day, handling the main and secondary roads first before side streets.

The customers and mechanics that spoke to Cleveland 19 said East 49th Street and the East side of the city in general is the worst, along with parts of East Cleveland. One customer thought construction on I-90 West made a pothole unavoidable and saw 10 cars after his end up on the side of the road between East 185th Street and East 156th Street.

Customers and repair shop employees alike wondered why the city seemed to be slower this year, and with all the talk from politicians about infrastructure, why the streets remain "in disrepair beyond belief."

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