Nonprofit helps comfort families with stillbirth pregnancies

From joy to sadness
Updated: May. 18, 2018 at 9:11 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's an expectant mother's dream: to have a happy healthy baby.

But pregnancy can be complicated, things can and do go wrong.

And when they do, the happiest time of a couple's life, can turn into a time of tragedy.

One family is working to help grieving families by allowing them more time to say goodbye to their deceased newborn.

Erin and Anthony Maroon sit in front of their North Canton Home, glancing at what seems like an ordinary pond.

"I tore down a bunch of bushes and trees and decided to start digging a hole," said Anthony Maroon.

It all started when the two lost their first child Ashlie.

"I never saw her feet. I didn't get to change her diaper because the changes had occurred so quickly," said Erin Maroon.

In total the family spent less than an hour holding what was supposed to be the newest addition to the family.

"We were completely surprised. We had no clue that anything was wrong or that she was gonna pass," said Erin.

Erin Maroon says she could of had more time with her daughter if the hospital was stocked with a Cuddle Cot. Unfortunately, they're rare in the US and mainly used in the UK.

"This tiny little device right here can give a family up to 96 hours with their baby after it passes," said Erin.

From that point on, the two decided to do all they could to make sure that other couples in the same position could spend more time with their kids starting a nonprofit organization and naming it in their daughters honor.

The organization was created as a vehicle for families here in the United States to be able to use the Cuddle Cot as well.

"There will be babies that are still born every single day and we want a CuddleCot to be there for those parents to have a choice,"

Ashlie's Embrace petitions US Hospitals, Akron  to accept the devices and place them into Delivery just in case they need one. So Far they've succeeded in several states.

"This could help parents who are grieving and who are faced with that sudden lost who have no clue that this is even a possibility to say goodbye,"

The nonprofit Ashllie's Embrace has raised more than $100,000 from families here in the U-S to be able to use Cuddle Cots.

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