Taste Buds: Food truck season and what’s new at The Plum

Taste Buds: Food truck season and what's new at The Plum

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's time for Taste Buds, Cleveland 19 News' weekly video podcast for foodies, chefs, and home cooks. This week, the "Taste Buds" welcome another guest host, Chef Brett Sawyer of The Plum in Ohio City.

Each week Chef Matt Mytro, of Flour in Moreland Hills, and David Kocab, of The Black Pig in Ohio City, talk with Cleveland 19's Jen Picciano about all things food. While Chef Kocab is away in Chicago at the National Restaurant Association Show, Chef Sawyer will step in to discuss the topics of the week.

On Tuesday's show, the trio will usher in the 2018 Food Truck season and talk with the food truck operators behind Square Scullery and Betty's Bomb A$# Burgers about what it takes to maintain their mobile kitchen and business on wheels.

The Taste Buds will also check in with Chef Kocab from Chicago, who is attending the National Restaurant Association Show, to talk about news out of that event.

And Chef Sawyer will chat about his newly released spring/summer menu, as well as some upcoming collaborative dinners The Plum will be hosting with out of town chefs.

Catch Taste Buds this and every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or watch it via the Cleveland 19 News app, website or Facebook Live broadcast.

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