Woman gives reasoning behind fighting teens with shovel in viral video

Woman gives reasoning behind fighting teens with shovel in viral video

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Last week Cleveland 19 aired video of a woman fighting several teenagers at a local RTA Station with a shovel.

The woman involved said it's all because those same teenagers jumped her daughter earlier that day - and she was trying to prevent it from happening again.

"Oh my God, I thought they were gonna kill her. I thought they were gonna stump her in the wrong place. I thought someone was gonna fall on her," said Monique Gardner as she watched her 16-year-old daughter being jumped by several other teens.

Gardner says the video was taken at Max Hayes High School two days before school was out for the summer.

"She got her eye blacked, her ribs messed up, her ankle sprung, and no one did anything about it," she said.

After all of the commotion passed, it was time for Monique's daughter to go home. She called her mom to meet her here at the RTA Station located closest to school when she realized those same teens were following her - little did know Monique was right around the corner.

"I just went ballistic, like immediately my nerves went bad. I just didn't know what to do," said Monique.

She grabbed the closest thing to her to protect her daughter, swinging a shovel in what has now become a viral video. As a consequence, Monique was charged with assault and had to spend one night behind bars. Regardless, she just wants something to be done about the bullying.

"I want the bullying to just stop. It is not cool to bully somebody. People lose their lives behind bullying," said Gardner.

She also wants people to think twice how they react to chaos.

"And people are so quick to pull out a cell phone and record things instead of pulling out their cell phones and calling 911. If people could just stop with the cell phone pictures and call 911, the world would be a better place," said Gardner.

Two of those teens seen jumping Monique's daughter in the video have officially been charged with assault.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District sent Cleveland 19 statements regarding the fight that happened at Hayes High, and the incident at the RTA train station.

Here is a statement about the Hayes incident:

CMSD has a zero tolerance for fighting in school.

As far as the video taken at RTA:

CMSD staff are cooperating with RTA police on their investigation of the incident that happened outside of school and are referring all questions about that investigation to RTA.

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