Roseanne Barr saga reveals limits of free speech in America (editorial)

Roseanne Barr saga reveals limits of free speech in America (editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - So many things to unpack after the Roseanne Barr saga.

You've heard me talk about social media before, so I'm not going to talk about Twitter, but one thing is important to discuss and that's freedom of speech.

There's been some talk that the cancellation of Roseanne was an impediment to the First Amendment, but it's important to understand exactly what freedom of speech grants us.

On the conservative website National Review, Katherine Timpf does a great job of breaking it down.

All the First Amendment does is protect us from facing consequences from the government over our speech, not consequences from our peers or employers.

That's an issue that has come up a lot recently.

The NFL and its players are having a similar discussion these days, too. People have the right to say or make political statements the way they want, but their customers – viewers or advertisers – have the right to react how they want and employers have the right to do what's best for their business.

America is a great country in part because of the First Amendment.

But it's also a great country because using the First Amendment also comes with its own set of checks and balances.

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