A look at the polls: Ohio lawmakers' thoughts on marijuana

A look at the polls: Ohio lawmakers' thoughts on marijuana
Here's how Ohio lawmakers have voted on the drug in recent years.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Between the Senate and the House of Representatives members, Ohio has 18 officials.

Of those, only a select few are in favor of marijuana.

Over the past few years lawmakers have voted on a number of issues concerning the drug.

Among them:

  • Ending Federal Prohibition Of Industrial Hemp
  • Ending Federal Prohibition Of CBD
  • Allowing Cannabis Businesses To Use Banks
  • Allowing VA Doctors To Recommend Medical Cannabis
  • Allowing States To Legalize Medical Cannabis
  • Allowing States To Legalize Recreational Cannabis
  • Ending Cannabis Prohibition At Federal Level

According to cannabisvoter.info, Senator Sherrod Brown supports the legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio but isn't ready to reschedule the drug at the federal level.

He added that we should wait and see what happens in states that have legalized marijuana.

Senator Robert Portman voted against all seven pro-marijuana initiatives since 2015, suggesting that the government focus on prevention and education of the youth.

Ten representatives share the same unanimous numbers, with votes against marijuana law reform.

Representatives Marcia Fudge, Joyce Beatty, Tim Ryan and David Joyce are on the opposite end. Hoping for major changes in the system, they voted in support to allow all the bullet points above.

You can take a look at the detailed results here.

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