Breast cancer survivor goes topless at Cleveland Clinic over surgery results

Breast cancer survivor goes topless at Cleveland Clinic over surgery results
Updated: Jun. 29, 2018 at 6:20 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Battling breast cancer is an emotional and life-changing experience, ask any one who has taken the fight against this disease head on.

For many survivors, the manner of treatment and follow up care is a personal choice made with the help of their doctor and family.

We continue to follow Kim Bowles' story.

She says the Cleveland Clinic denied her the right to make decisions about her own body, while fighting the disease.

The Clinic says that's not what happened but today the woman took drastic measures to get her point across.

Friday, she protested at the Clinic topless.

"It's harder to ignore when somebody is in your face with their shirt off and it's not pretty but life's not fair and what happened to me is not pretty either. Malpractice, Assault, disregarding my consent , leaving me disfigured so that I have to have another surgery and all that carries with it, attended risks and costs, time away from my kids, more money," she said.

Bowles underwent a double mastectomy at Cleveland Clinic and says a doctor left her too much skin after the surgery. She requested to be "flat."

We first told you about her story nine days ago.

"As I was lying there I heard him say, I'll just leave a little there in case you change your mind," she said.

Cleveland Clinic representatives told us in a statement: "We conducted three thorough reviews relating to her concerns and shared with her that it was determined every aspect of her care was done optimally to give her the safest amount of extra skin to prevent jeopardizing her arm movement."

Bowles says she feels she's being ignored so now she's putting everything on display. She hand delivered this Care2 petition Friday with more than 30,000 signatures demanding the Clinic change it's procedures.

"Part of the reason I have my shirt off is just so people can see. this happened to me, I'm a real person, you can't ignore it," she said.

Bowles tells us she does not want to sue the Clinic but wants her concerns acknowledged.

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