Taste Buds: Filling the perfect picnic basket and National Ice Cream Month

Taste Buds: Filling the perfect picnic basket and National Ice Cream Month

What's in your perfect picnic basket? This week on Taste Buds, hosts Jen Picciano, David Kocab and Matt Mytro will each fill their picnic baskets with their own ideal contents. What would be in your perfect picnic basket? And where would you like to lay your blanket?

Each week, the trio discusses news in the restaurant industry, food events, food and beverage topics and even dabbles in some test testing live on the video podcast.

The Taste Buds will also discuss another cool topic, ice cream. July is National Ice Cream Month. Did you know that Americans consumes an average of 48 pints of ice cream each year? And 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any given time. Remarkably, it takes 12 pounds of milk to produce a single gallon of ice cream. On the podcast, Kocab, Mytro and Picciano will discuss the difference between gelato and ice cream, methods to make it at home, and even the popular low calorie, high-protein cream, Halo Top.

Kocab is the Chef de Cuisine at The Black Pig in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood. Mytro is the chef/partner at Flour Restaurant in Moreland Hills. Jen Picciano is the host of Cleveland Cook, Cleveland 19's weekly cooking segment.

Catch Taste Buds live at 10:00am each Tuesday, on Cleveland 19's Facebook page, website or app. You can also view the video podcast on Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

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