Soldier's WWII time capsule uncovered in Cleveland home

Cleveland contractor stumbles upon hidden memorabilia
Updated: Jul. 17, 2018 at 8:57 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Mike Wimberley restores houses for a living.

About a year ago he made a wonderful discovery in a house on Erwin Avenue in Cleveland.

He found a soldier's decades-old memorabilia.

"He was very meticulous. He save receipts. He saved his hat in the original packaging," said Wimberley. "This is his hat. Correct. If you look inside you'll see his name. Silagy, Richard Silagy."

Wimberley knew right away that the time capsule he came across beneath the stairs in the basement was a treasure that had to be returned to its rightful owner or his family.

"We found a bunch of year books and we've tagged his pictures.

"We have this shell and from what I can tell it looks like it was fired. It's a 105 mm M-14 shell from 1944."

What they don't have is a way to contact him or his family to return these precious artifacts to them.

"Surreal. These pictures, this history is older than you and I. It's his life. it should go back. Anybody that cares, loved this man, lived with this man, that was married to this man. It needs to go his family."

They searched Facebook and the internet, but it didn't pan out. Maybe you can help. Take a good look at him, see if you may know his name Richard Silagy, or maybe the house on Erwin Ave he used to live in.

"He cared about this otherwise he wouldn't have saved it."

Silagy also kept a copy of a poem. It reads in part.

"When we go to heaven to St. Peter we will tell. We are soldiers of the desert we served our time in hell."

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