Downtown delivery trucks, rush hour jams and illegal parking riling commuters (editorial)

Downtown delivery trucks, rush hour jams and illegal parking riling commuters (editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For a city of its size, Cleveland really has a very good traffic situation, but as with every place, there still can be an issue or two.

Recently, Reporter Alyson Bruner noticed that on East 9th street many mornings, traffic bottlenecks as delivery trucks make their drop-offs during the heart of rush hour.

Worse yet, some of them were parking in handicapped spots to make those deliveries.

Shortly after Alyson's story, the city got involved and seems to have put a curb on the handicapped parking issues, but that isn't keeping people from getting fired up.

Scattered among the usual profanity-laced tirades and political posturing (don't ask me how parking in handicapped spots is political) were these valid points:

  • “You ever walk two city blocks with two kegs of beer on a hand truck, trust me you will learn to find the closest spot you can.”
  • “People in big cities want the service, but not the inconvenience.”
  • “There’s nowhere to park. I spent years driving in circles to park in the city to do a job.”

In the end, there's no question it's a tough situation. I don't think most people would support parking in handicapped spots. As for the delivery trucks, maybe if they made those downtown deliveries on major thoroughfares outside of the rush-hour hours, the issue wouldn't seem as big.

In the end, a city is a community, and we have to look out for one another.

Any solutions to accommodating the delivery trucks, handicapped drivers and the throng of people driving to work at rush hour? Send 'em on.

An entire city can benefit if you've got the big idea.

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