Unhappy with the county's tax assessment of your home? Here's what to do

Booming real estate market driving up home valuation in Northeast Ohio

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) - There's a process in every county that homeowners go through to contest the county's assessed value of their home.

Homeowners in Lakewood received some of the highest assessments recently, seeing an average increase of 22 percent in their home value. That has some worried about tax increases.

According to Howard Hanna's Lakewood Office Real Estate Manager, Chris Merry, if you don't think you could sell your house for the amount that the county assessed your home at, you may be able to convince the auditor's office to adjust their numbers.

Merry says there's a formal and an informal process you can go through in Cuyahoga County to get the assessment changed.

From now until Aug. 31, you have time to informally contest the Cuyahoga County Auditor's assessment by showing up at one of the meetings that are being held at Tri-C August 6 to 22.

"If you have a sales purchase contract from the past three years, you can submit that. If you have an appraisal that's 12 months old, you can submit that," said Merry.

If you don't appeal to the auditor's office before Aug. 31, you'll have to wait to formally contest the assessed value beginning in January.

"After Jan. 1, there is an opportunity to make a formal revision request, and that is actually all on the county's website.

"You can only do it every year from January through the end of March, so there is a very small time window that you can do it," added Merry.

Keep in mind, if you are thinking of selling your home anytime soon, real estate experts say you may want to think twice about lowering your county's assessment.

For more information, go to your county auditor's website.