2 brothers got matching Marc's tattoos and it's the most Cleveland thing ever

2 brothers got matching Marc's tattoos and it's the most Cleveland thing ever

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Two brothers, Lee Sechrist of Lakewood and Aaron Sechrist of Ohio City, now wear a piece of Cleveland history proudly.

They didn't get an emblem of a sports team or the familiar 216 area code ... nope, that's amateur stuff.

The duo have ink of none other than fellow Cleveland native, Marc Glassman of the eponymously named Marc's stores.

The tattoo grew a life of its own on social media, generating a ton of support from Reddit users.

As the story goes, Aaron, 38, promised to get Lee, 36, a tattoo for his birthday.

Lee's birthday is Aug. 6, so the pair decided to make it happen over the weekend.

Among the questions on Reddit the over-arching theme was why?

Here's the answer:

Lee: The plan was to get something that reminded us of our childhood growing up in Cleveland.

Aaron: We mutually agreed that it was the silliest tattoo we could get, so we thought, 'why not?'

(Sidenote: Marc's was founded in Parma by Marc Glassman in 1979)

What about Marc's stood out for for you guys?

Lee: Our mother would always drive us there kicking and screaming. We literally spent hours roaming the aisles.

Aaron: Yeah, I loved the trips, the aisle markers definitely stuck with us. We'd always fight in the store, and there's nothing I enjoyed more than beating you up.

Talk about the tattoo placement, as I understand you both went for the lower body. 

Lee: Yes, I got mine on the outside of my thigh.

Aaron: I decided to go for my calf. We wanted a mutual location, but I've been hitting the gym lately and figured it would be a solid spot. My quads are looking pretty impressive these days, but I do not want Marc Glassman on my quads.

How did you pay for it? In cash or a VERY slowly written check?

Aaron: Hahaha it was with a credit card, I wasn't prepared with a checkbook on hand but it worked itself out. 

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The brothers were tattooed by Corey Welker of Lakewood Electric Tattoo, who was ecstatic when they told him the idea.

There was no regret in their decision to get the tattoos, "From the moment it came out our mouths I knew I would love it, Lee said."

Aaron: Mom, not so much, but she doesn't like a lot of my tattoos.

While they're creative, the Marc Glassman tattoos aren't the only ink they have.

The brothers have a ton of artwork, including a portrait of Prince on Aaron's thigh.

They're really proud of their tattoos and are happy how the pieces turned out.

"We weren't expecting this type of reception, but I'm happy everyone could get a laugh out of it," Lee said.

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