Cleveland Indians unveil logo for 2019 All-Star Game; city leaders cheering over economic impact

Cleveland Indians unveil 2019 All-Star logo. Do you like it?
The 2019 MLB All Star logo (Source: WOIO)
The 2019 MLB All Star logo (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's the moment many baseball fans have been waiting for, the unveiling of the logo for the 2019 All-Star Game to be held at Progressive Field.

It was revealed by Cleveland Indians' owner Paul Dolan, and Tony Petitti, the MLB Deputy Commissioner on Tuesday.

The logo incorporates the shape of a guitar in honor of Cleveland being known as the Rock 'n' Roll city.

Indians Manager Terry Francona, Francisco Lindor and Sandy Alomar Jr. were all there, as the excitement over what's ahead is already building.

"I think the biggest thing from where I sit is looking at what it will do for the city of Cleveland," said Francona.

It's been over two decades since Cleveland played host to the All-Star game.

A lot has changed since 1997, especially when you talk about the event's bottom line.

Back then, the economic impact on the local economy was estimated at $37.6 million.

When Cincinnati played host back in 2015, the game brought in an estimated $60-65 million.

That's about what Mayor Frank Jackson was told to expect.

"There's always spinoff from having a national and international event. You have people come. They visit. They fill up hotels. They go to restaurants. You get the national exposure, all those kind of things - there is always this spinoff effect, and this will have that," said Jackson.

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