Parma resident's frustration bubbling over after 42nd basement flood

Parma homeowner wants change after 42 basement floods

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Gurgling water can be heard clearly on a video that Mark Reis made of flooding into his basement Monday night.

It has happened over and over again.

"It started flooding back in '87...31 years ago," said Reis.

He's not alone on Fruitland Drive. It also floods regularly across the street  at his neighbor's home.

Same story down the street. And even from a neighbor passing by who said her whole basement was wet.

Reis reached out to Cleveland 19 for help. During our visit he laid out the many complaints he's made to the city of Parma, dating back to that first flood in '87.

He's gotten good at knowing when water will pour in.

When the kitchen sink gurgles, he heads to the basement. He described what he saw last night this way.

"Gushing out over three, gushing out in this room. I looked over here, then I want over there and it started coming up through the drain, popping up about six, 12 inches high out of the ground."

You don't have to know a lot about physics to know water flows down hill. Reis lives on one of the highest spots in Parma.

That's why all the TV towers, including ours, are here.

What's happening with water defies logic. Reis is at his wit's end.

"The best thing the city could do is buy this house from me, cause I can't sell it. I'm a prisoner to this house."

So once things dry out it will be back to hosing the mud down, and using bleach to prevent black mold.

We have several calls in to the city of Parma, with no comment so far.

In the past Reis says he's been told it is not a city problem. He obviously disagrees.

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