Cleveland athlete takes unusual route to 2018 triathlon

Cleveland athlete takes unusual route to 2018 triathlon

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Being a triathlete is obviously very demanding physically and mentally.

Having to ride a bike, run, and swim all in the same day is about  challenging as any sport, but imagine only learning to swim just a few years ago.

That's the case for Lisimba Patilla, a former college football player.

After an incident in a pool in middle school, Patilla struggled mentally and emotionally to learn to swim.

"I read a book that inspired to me to be a triathlete, my wife said You can't swim , how you gonna do that? I said I'm just going to have to get over it," he said.

Get over it he did, as he competes in triathlons every year and his biggest inspiration was his kids.

"I spent many days on beaches with my daughters and we'd only let the water come up to our feet because we were scared to go into the water, but for the two  few years we go into the water."

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