CSU bans Bird scooters on campus, citing safety concerns

CSU bans Bird scooters on campus, citing safety concerns
Cleveland State shoos away Bird scooters.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Some wings are getting clipped at CSU, and now students must return to less trendy modes of travel.

Cleveland State University sent an email Monday morning to students, faculty and staff regarding the unauthorized placement of electric Bird scooters.

The email explained the school has contacted the popular scooter company and requested immediate removal of all scooters.

The scooters that have already been found on campus were seized and will be stored until retrieved by the company.

Many cities across the country have banned scooter placement on public property because of safety concerns and permit issues, including Cleveland.

Stephanie McHenry, CSU's Chief Financial Officer, said the removal and restriction of these scooters is directly correlated to the safety concerns the school has for their students and staff.

If you find or see any parked scooters or scooter rental stations on campus, officials are asking that you call CSU Facilities Management at 216-523-7585.

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