Eastlake company develops robot program to detect guns in schools

Eastlake company develops robot program to detect guns in schools

EASTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - A robot that could detect guns in schools may sound like a thing of the future, but a local company is working on software right now that can do just that.

Cleveland 19 got an inside look at how it works at Intellitronix in Eastlake. The local company is known for manufacturing LED gauges for vehicles. They recently began developing different types of robots.

In a garage inside the facility, are three robots. They can answer just about any question you ask. Initially, the robots were created to be part of an online curriculum program. If schools had a robot, part of that curriculum would directly involve the robot with lessons like programming and repair.

Intellitronix CEO, Paul Spivak, got the idea to add gun detection software hoping the robots could be even more valuable to schools.

The robots are paired with IBM Watson. They use facial recognition software to detect guns.

When a person enters the robots viewpoint, it will detect if a gun is present. If there is a gun in view, the robot signals an alert and sends a text message to police or parents.

Right now, the software is in the very early phases. Spivak says he hopes to add more features by the end of the year.

"We're going to add an infrared camera, because right now, it's hidden, camera won't see it, but if you have a gun hidden underneath you, with an infrared camera, you will get the same exact image," Spivak said.

Right now, local school district are still learning about the robot. Spivak said he hopes to communicate with them in the coming weeks to see if there is any interest.

"We think this would be a great solution to school shootings, plus we hope the robot will help teach kids, learn faster and easier," Spivak said.

Each robot costs about $50,000. Spivak said though, it wouldn't cost that much for school districts because many already pay for the curriculum that would be provided. They're also hoping to work with sponsors.

The next step for the robot is medical services. Spivak said eventually, they'll design the robot to be able to diagnose a patient and even take their blood pressure.

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