Canton council considering banning food vendors downtown

CANTON, Ohio - The City Council is considering banning hot-dog vendors and other sidewalk food sales in the downtown district, which stops short of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"Everybody likes a little hot-dog stand here and there, but I think we owe it to the businesses down there first to keep their doors open," said sponsoring Councilman Thomas West. He said the proposal would help restaurants that pay taxes and operate year-round.

Downtown businesses would be exempt from the ban, allowing them to have outdoor food carts.

Tim Gross, who sells Italian sausage sandwiches in the parking lot of his car wash outside the downtown district, said the ban would be petty and unfair.

Under the proposal, violations would be punishable by a $250 fine and one month in jail.

A council committee is awaiting legal research before taking up the proposal.

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