DeJesus Search Continues; Second Suspect Released

Cleveland, OH- Kidnapping suspect John T. McDonough was released from jail Saturday evening and convicted sex offender Matthew M. Hurayt has been tranferred to Cuyahoga County Jail.

The two suspects were arrested and held in downtown Cleveland in connection to the disappearance of 14-yr-old Gina DeJesus who went missing back in 2004. The suspects were never formally charged in the case.

Gina DeJesus was walking home from school when a man pulled up in a car and told her to get in around W.117th and Lorain. DeJesus has been missing ever since.

The suspects were arrested shortly after another man was arrested for robbing a jewelry store, that man, was the brother of convicted sex offender Matthew Hurayt. The guy told police he had a secret to tell them about his brother and another guy John McDonough. Allegedly he had overheard the two talking about how they killed Gina DeJesus and buried her under Hurayt's garage.

The investigation on Friday focused on Hurayt's house where the body of Gina DeJesus was allegedly buried under the garage. The search turned up empty. Family and hopefuls relieved, others saddened.

Hurayt still locked up, but not charged in this case.

19 Action News reports.