Jim Tressel and Lloyd Carr have "Professional" Relationship

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Woody and Bo were close friends, although the public perspective might have been completely different. Current Ohio State coach Jim Tressel says he and Michigan counterpart Lloyd Carr have a professional relationship, nothing more and nothing less.

Tressel believes his situation puts him in a unique position to empathize with Carr.

"There might be a little bit more understanding on my part knowing exactly what he's living every day, because the expectations are tremendous. Just like ours are," Tressel said Monday.

Tressel gained a lot of respect for Carr when they both were recruiting the same player five years ago. The recruit told Tressel, then a rookie head coach at Ohio State, what the Michigan coach said to him as he was deliberating his choice.

"One thing you want to make sure you do is you want to go to one of these two schools because this is the greatest rivalry in college football and you want to be a part of that," Tressel recalled Carr telling the kid. "And that was my first time being in this seat and him in that seat and I was tremendously impressed with his feeling for what Ohio State and Michigan are both all about."

Oh, by the way, the player - whom Tressel would not identify - came to Ohio State.