Editorial: For Your Own Good

Cleveland, OH - The last several weeks has seen a flurry of activity...in Ohio and elsewhere by well-meaning folks worried about other people's health. The result has been the enactment of new laws that proponents say are good for society, but which others see as nothing less than an infringement on civil liberties. Central to the argument is just how far is too far in this current climate of prohibition.

In our state, where the new public smoking ban takes effect this week, truck drivers have just discovered that it means they can't smoke in the cabs of their trucks. And like all workplaces...the trucks even have to be stripped of their ash trays. And, in New York this week, that city became the first in the nation to ban the use of a popular cooking oil in restarurants. Health experts say the oil clogs arteries. Restaurants say the food police are out of control. The average citizen is left to ponder what next might be taken away...for his own good, of course.