Editorial: Dennis the Menace Strikes Again

Cleveland, OH - Congressman and former Cleveland Mayor Dennis Kucinich has announced that he is going to run for president....again. This news will delight political columnists and late night comedians because Dennis is, after all, lots of fun to talk about. What Kucinich himself chooses to talk about is usually embarrassing to the citizens of his hometown but that is of no apparent consequence to the candidate nor, obviously, is the full and fair representation of his district. He will argue otherwise...but the fact is you can't be gallivanting across the country in one quixotic presidential campaign after another and still pay attention to the home fires. But like don quixote himself...kucinich seems oblivious to his own political daydreams..... Which, in a replay of 2004, may make most Clevelander's cringe but is sure to be big in the comedy clubs.