Judge Sets Deadline for Paternity Test


LOS ANGELES (AP) - A judge in the Anna Nicole Smith baby dispute has given the former Playboy Playmate until Jan. 23 to have her daughter undergo paternity testing sought by a former boyfriend, the man's attorney said.

Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider ruled in favor of the 39-year-old Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead last month. Birkhead claims he's the father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, who was born Sept. 7 in the Bahamas.

It wasn't known when Smith's daughter might have the DNA test.

"We can't make it any easier for her," Birkhead's attorney, Debra Opri, said Tuesday.

An after-hours phone message left Tuesday for Smith's lawyer, Ronald A. Rale, wasn't immediately returned. He had previously declined to discuss the judge's ruling. Paternity cases are typically confidential.

Birkhead, 34, sued in October to get a paternity test.

Smith's longtime personal lawyer, Howard K. Stern, maintains he is the baby's father.